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Robo-Veyor, Inc

504 Stoneridge Blvd

Asheville, NC 28804

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Plasma Cutting and Fabrication

Maintenance and Replacement Parts

Robo-Veyor is a fabrication shop in Asheville, North Carolina featuring in-house CNC plasma cutting and full service welding and fabrication capabilities. Plasma cutting is the process used to cut steel and other metals with an electrical arc and an inert gas blown through a nozzle in a plasma torch. The plasma torch moves at a rapid speed that delivers clean, smooth, and precise cuts that are virtually slag-free. Robo-Veyor, Inc. offers custom CAD design and CNC Plasma cutting. We specialize in the design and fabrication  of custom automation equipment. We also offer custom fabrication for any of your design needs from handrails, sheet  metal  fabrication, aluminum welding,  stainless steel welding, piping, shielding and guards, architectural and ornamental ironwork, signage, and much more...

​ Our Services

Robo-Veyor, Inc. has been trusted for years as the automation maintenance leader with full-service maintenance on mechanical and industrial automation equipment. Our services are on time and within customer’s budget. Learn why customers trust us time and time again. Robo-Veyor service include preventive maintenance and replacement parts for Campbell Machinery, Process Automation Technologies equipment and Advanced Automation Solutions. 

Experience that counts! Our employees have experience with every segment of mechanical, electrical and industrial applications. Our clients benefit from our experience and knowledge of Vibratory feeders, conveyors Automation processes and robotics knowledge. As a full service maintenance, Robo-Veyor offers comprehensive services for mechanical and industrial applications, including design, build, installation, re-locate, shut-down or maintenance.