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​Elevating Storage Feeders

Storage Feeders with Vibratory Orientor or Bi-Directional Belt Feeder

Robo-Veyor Storage Elevators can easily be combined with one of our standard tooled linear vibratory drive units or a Bi-Directional Belt Feeder to provide a versatile part feeder. All units are sized and configured to meet your specific application.  Choices of light or heavy duty vibratory drives with tooling length ranging from 18” to 60” are available. Mis-oriented part recirculation can be accomplished by a gravity return chute or for low discharge elevations and gentler parts handling a belt return conveyor can be furnished. Parts are elevated from storage bin and metered into the vibratory orientor tooling. Correctly oriented parts pass through tooling and discharge at your specified height. Mis-oriented parts are returned to storage bin for recirculation by a gravity return chute or belt return conveyor.

Standard Features:

Jam free pivoting or tunnel type chain entry in bin bottom

Jam free angled elevator side guides

Heavy duty bin area

Premium quality elevator chain construction

Hardened steel chain guides

Lubricated chain slider bed

AC Motor 120Volt or 230/460 Volt 3-Ph drives
DC Motor adjustable speed control
Bin clean out door
Casters and floor locks
Stock Box Dumper
Sound control packages
Electrical controls

Robo-Veyor unique Elevating Storage Feeders provide a continuous flow of parts at various heights to supply numerous processing systems. All of our storage feeders are sized and configured to meet your specific application. With our large selection of standard bin sizes and versatile drive options any production rate or storage capacity can be combined. Standard bin sizes range from 1 to 30 cubic feet. Optional bin linings and bin covers can assist in noise reduction. Choices of cleated belt, chain or magnetic elevators are available in widths ranging from 4.50” to 18.00”.